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Enabling Business Agility and Efficiency with Web and Mobile Solutions

Development Process

How We Ideate, Design and Deliver Projects. Our approach focuses on integrating new features, reducing risks, and providing structure and transparency into the process.

  • idea

    STEP 1

  • Research

    STEP 2

  • Check the Competitive market

    STEP 3

  • SRS (Documentation)

    STEP 4

  • Name of the Product

    STEP 5

  • Logo Creation

    STEP 6

  • Sketch

    STEP 7

  • STEP 8


  • STEP 9


  • STEP 10

    Quality & Assurance test

  • STEP 11

    Test run or Load testing before launch

  • STEP 12

    Trial run

  • STEP 13


  • STEP 14

    Maintenance & Support - Reviews & Ratings

Blow Away the Competition

With Our Unique SEO Approach!

SEO helps in gathering more eyes on your website content, which means – more Traffic, more Clients, and more Sales. At Software Assemblies, we can help you rank consistently for the keywords that matter, no matter the search engine.

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Web Development

From sophisticated business automation platforms, complex e-commerce platforms, to client operated systems, leverage web development to provide powerful software to the world of internet. At Software Assemblies, we have been expanding our boundaries since we started. Over the years, we have developed a strategy that helps in designing websites that captures the audience’s attention and guides them through the conversion funnel. Our web design services include:

  • PHP, WordPress, and CMS Development
  • .NET Development
  • Front and Back End Development
  • Project Management
  • Parsing with Data
web development

Mobile App Development

Mobile app design and development are an essential component of a growing business today. From customers to employees, a mobile application makes it possible for businesses to manage their pipelines, inspect building plans, give access to crucial data, and much more. At Software Assemblies, we understand this and develop Robust Mobile Applications and Strategies to engage your clients and workforce. Capabilities of our Mobile app Developers include:

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Windows App Development
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Messaging System

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mobile app development

UI/UX Development

The best way to ensure an on-site engagement is through a fantastic user experience amalgamated with a strong user interface. UI and UX always go hand in hand to maximize user interaction. We believe that every pixel on a site contributes to an ultimate experience, and no detail is too small, so we strategize, utilize, and test UX to help the user accomplish the goals on your website. Our services include:

  • Web designing
  • Graphics Design
  • Front and Back End Development
  • Sketches and Brainstorming
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

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ui ux development

Digital Marketing Services

With billions of websites on the internet today, it is obvious to say that the market is highly competitive. And if your business is operating in this neck of woods, SEO will help to keep you on top of the game. As the internet world is expanding, it is imperative to those who want to rank to come up with an effective SEO strategy. Here, we can help! Having an SEO market strategy feels good. Our services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

We will collaborate with you to build and develop a custom SEO strategy, solving your complex marketing goals and deliver real value to your clients. Let’s Talk We’re all ears.

seo development

Quality Assurance

Most of the organizations struggle to adequately manage quality control when delivering cutting-edge advancements. This results in the delivery of products that often fall short of their goals. Software Assemblies offer reliable QA services by following a hybrid approach with flexible on-demand testing services and solutions at very economical prices. Our Quality Assurance and Testing services include:

  • Software/Hardware Integration Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • On-Demand Testing

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qa development

Cloud Services

Cloud Solutions are long lasting and can reap an impressive ROI compared to the ongoing expense of on-premise solution. They are emerging as the key driver of an enterprise to maintain a competitive edge simplifies their IT infrastructure. We help you map your cloud journey from prototyping to implementing a strategy by offering relevant insights and world-class infrastructure, software and platforms delivered in an "as-a-service" model. Our Cloud services include:

  • Cloud Vendor management and integration
  • Cloud Advisory
  • Cloud Migration and Modernization
  • Amazon Web services
  • Microsoft web services
  • Google G Suite Services
  • Alibaba Web services

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cloud development

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